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Clash Of Clans The Game

The game also has a personal campaign: the goblin card. Fifty villages are built by the goblins, characters who embody enemies in the game. Thus, the goal is to take all resources and completely destroy the villages (ie, a 100% destruction attack). . At each attack against these villages, the player can win stars, following the same pattern as attacks against other players. The player gains a maximum of three stars per village when the latter is destroyed entirely. Thus, the maximum score that can be achieved for the goblin card is 150 stars.
The world of the game is in the register of the magic, with the presence for example of sorcerers, goblins, giants, dragons or witches. In the game, the higher the city hall is, the more the player can build buildings as ramparts or resource extractors. Most elements of the game are paid with resources such as elixir, gold and black elixir. To collect, the player must level his productions or attack villages of other players. The player can also use elements called gems to accelerate his resource extractors. The gems are paid. You can buy them on PlayStore for Android and AppStore for iPhone, the prices are very no longer need to pay your gems, our tip allows you to have free gems in the game!

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