Find a PCB prototype manufacturer in China

There are many PCB manufacturers that produce PCB prototypes, small and large amounts of PCB production. Also, companies located in China focus on PCB design for large companies and hobbyists who need small amounts of PCBs as well as for producing PCB prototypes.

Companies in China can make panels up to a maximum size of 600 to 700 millimeters. Companies can create panels of 2 to 6 layers. A special request can be made by e-mail for panels requiring greater panelization. Panel dimensions and panel number must be specified.

The companies produce a double board with all holes covered with a panel. One-sided plates were produced, but holes were not coated. When placing new orders, users can directly submit their design files using the web browser’s file browser interface. Those who have already placed an order and want to repeat the same order can determine the part number or order number when setting the order change request.

Once people order their orders, they can track order progress through a site-tracking service. Your order status is constantly updated throughout the day.

These companies can produce rigid printed boards as well as flexible printed circuit boards according to customer’s choice. Solid printed tiles are made of 1 to 10 layers and the material used can be FR4. one-sided or double-sided with PI, PET or PE.

For electronics lovers who require a PCB prototype and PCB production China PCB prototype manufacturer can be a good and safe choice.

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