Tractor Attachments

The most versatile thing about the tractor is its attachments. The most popular ones are the box blade, mowers, tillers, plows, plows, blowers, rakes, spreaders, and grapples. The tractor blade is very similar to a bulldozer’s blade, because it serves a similar purpose. The box blade is used to level the earth and push it. The mowers are used for landscaping and you can typically see them on a big estate, because it’d take years for a regular push law mower to cut the grass. These mowers come in two types, the ones that are permanently attached to the tractor or a separate attachment for those bigger tractors that need to mow down heavier plants than grass.

Case 1190 tractor manual

The tillers and plows are attachments for the tractor that help with the preparation of fields. They usually are on the end of a tractor and dragged along to rip the field, so seeds can be planted. The plows and blowers are attached on a tractor for the removal of snow. The final major attachments are the rakes, spreaders and grapplers. Their use on the tractor is to help with landscaping work. So after you finishing mowing you can snap on a rake to your tractor and gather up the residuals.

These attachments all use a three-point hitch at the back on the tractor. Because of the attachment’s location to the end of the tractor, they are able to use the power from the take-off unit.

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